Tasmanian Wilderness Walks:
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Day Four:  Thursday -18 December 2008  
Lake Oberon to High Moor
Side trip 3: Mt. Columba

Walking Time -  8 hours

Susan's Diary
Day 4:  Despite the heavy mist that blanketed the surroundings the weather looked promising.  We set off at 9AM after a long morning preparation.  After a short climb onto the ridge that overlooks Lake Oberon the climb up Mt. Pegasus began.  The climb consisted of medium exposure to heights with some rock scrambling.  At this point Luca became worried about exposure and started wondering how he could make it through later sections of the track which were from all descriptions, meant to be much harder.  In retrospect, Luca's worry might have been exaggerated.

Near the top we were required to take the packs off and lift them through a hole formed by a conglomerate of rock boulders.  This task was made somewhat harder by the abnormally heavy packs we carried throughout the walk.  Incidentally,  by this stage we realised we were carrying enough food for two of these trips, including a full bottle of coke!  After lifting the packs through the hole, when all the hard work was seemingly done, I lost my footing and almost fell through the hole.  If not for my right hands firm grip the day may have ended very early.

After some further scrambling we reached the top.  At this point a series of steep descents perched on the edges of cliffs, although with little exposure to heights, followed by sidling, lead to the saddle between Mt. Pegasus and Mt. Capricorn.  Here we stopped for lunch and opened the Coke - what a JOY!

From the saddle we climbed to the top of Mt. Capricorn, which took longer and involved some scrambling.  Then the fun started on the descent.  This started of with some scrambling down rocks where Luca had some apprehension towards heights ( although as with the rest of the walk the track always did something sensible.  At this point our customary five point hold manoeuvre came to the fore.  This manoeuvre includes two feet, two hands and our backsides.

After these rocky descents, followed some very steep muddy descents.  Although these looked intimidating there were many good foot and hand holds to make the descents safe - in fact we did not need to pack haul.   Upon reaching the saddle down below, looking back the way we had just come, we were amazed that there could possibly have been a track down such a steep slope.

At this point in time with this fearsome descent conquered we were full of confidence.  The rest of the days walk involved an unexciting non-descript climb to High Moor.  Really quite boring by comparison to the euphoria of descending Mt. Capricorn.

High Moor is a stark contrast to the rest of the walk, so far, as it is an open flat grassy plain.  At this point with only a few minutes to go to the campsite, we left our packs on the main track and took a 15 minute side trip to Mt. Columba.  The views from the top were outstanding.  We saw much of the days walk and also views of the Eastern Arthurs to boot.  The campsite was extremely well constructed, although exposed and cramped.

For dinner we had Chicken (artificial) coconut soup with Tofu Cake (Stock fish flavour) with Chickpeas. Luca was much happier with this soup.  We then pondered the coming days walk, the potential obstacles and given the great weather, so far, whether we should push to do the full traverse.



Day 4:    
We left late yet again. The track around the Lake Oberon platforms was almost a creek    
  There's the "vacant" sign and on the back of it is the "occupied" sign.  A very civilised system to avoid nasty surprises.    
  One of the more exciting sections We had to pack-haul through this rock cavern Susan lost her footing here and was lucky to have a good hand hold.
    Small tarn on he ridge above Lake Oberon.  
Coming up a steep slope with Lake Oberon in the background   Sidling point  
    On the saddle between Mt Caprocorn and Mt Pegasus. Lunch- and a well earned Coke.
    The foot holes made for an easy decent here - but erosion will cause problems in the future.  
    The track we came down -  it looks so tough from here - but coming down it seemed logical and easy to follow but yes it was steep!
High Moor & Beggary Bumps
 Beggary Bumps
The Beggary Bumps come into view      
Beggary Bumps, Mt Taurus
High Moor
Valley South of High Moor
  The camping area at High Moor. Soup for dinner!  

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