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Day Two:   Tuesday - 16 December 2008
Junction Creek to Lake Cygnus
Walking Time -  5.5 hours

Susan's Diary:
Day 2:   Today's Colin's Birthday - we're thinking of you big C.    A spot of rain in the morning was the prelude to clouds and mist for the rest of the day.  We got an 8:50AM start, after some custard and toasted muesli for breakfast.  It took about 50 minutes to get to the bottom of Morainne A with our rain pants providing protection against the mud and wet plants.  

After taking off the rain pants we began the climb, making steady progress for the first 350 m of the climb.  We stopped in a sheltered  spot for a break.  The wind picked up and the temperature appeared to drop, so with extra layers on we finished the climb, longer than expected, with my sore leg muscles slowing us down.  We arrived at around 12:30PM at the top, here the mist was prevalent and visibility was restricted.  After a break we headed off to Lake Cygnus through the mist.  As we reached the point where we descended down to the lake the mist started to lift and we enjoyed the familiar view of Lake Cygnus, our first view in some time!

After setting up camp, we experienced some showers.  We had a relaxing afternoon playing cards in the tent.  Dinner was Sour Cream & Mushroom pasta, which was very nice.

Day 2:       
Packing up in the morning can take so long.     The track is quite muddy at times.
  Gaiters and wet weather pants are required here.    
      We reach the start of the ascent.
  The trail we followed is seen quite clearly here. Quite steep! A rest spot - the bad weather rolls in again and we add some extra layers.
  This is our progress to date - its seems a long way down.    
The mist became heavy and the temperature dropped.      
    Easy walking along the ridge - just need to keep the track in sight.  
  Somewhere down there is Lake Cygnus!   The mist finally begins to clear to give us our first real views of the day.
    The track leading us down to Lake Cygnus.  
The camp platforms are provided -
no don't bring your own!
Lake Cygnus foreshore.
Who won at cards? Pasta Dinner - very nice!

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