Tasmanian Wilderness Walks:
Western Arthurs
Full Traverse

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Day One:   Monday - 15 December 2008
Scotts Peak Car Park to Junction Creek
Walking Time - 3 Hours

Susan's Diary
Prelude:  After a quick trip to Brisbane for a friend's wedding, I met up with Luca in Launceston. Luca had caught the ferry from Melbourne to Devonport, bringing our car over.  The plan was to pick up an EPRIB in Devonport and then me in Launceston, then onto Scotts Peak to start the walk.  As it turns out EPIRB's aren't for hire on Sundays as Service Tasmania is closed.  We made accommodation  in Hobart that night with the intention of getting the EPIRB the next day early and starting our walk by 11AM making it to Lake Cygnus.  Dinner was "Taco's"  (Mexican food) for dinner.   In retrospect it may have been tough to make it to Lake Cygnus with such a late start.

We had undertaken part of this walk earlier this year but we had to cut the walk short due to bad weather - see our webpage of that trip.  We had allowed more time to ensure a successful walk this time.

Day 1:   Once again things didn't go to plan.  Service Tasmania (ST) in Hobart had no EPIRB's available (due to the Sydney to Hobart yacht race) however there was one in Launceston.  Off we went again on the Midland Highway arriving in Launceston close to 11AM.  After a short stop at ST, obtaining our now beloved EPIRB, we started the drive to Scotts Peak Dam, stopping briefly for lunch and petrol.  Once there we packed our bags, donning our boots and gaiters, we set off around 4PM.  The original plan was revised to make camp at Junction Creek, which we made around 6:30PM.  Reasonable weather accompanied us to the Junction Creek camp.  Dinner consisted of Tom Yum soup which we agreed was rather tasteless even by camping dinner standards.  Definitely stick to the Hot & Spicy in future.

Day 1:    Starting Out (late afternoon 4 pm)
Finally at the car park - time to get ready and start walking. Group photo - via self timer. Views of the Western Arthurs as we start out on our 7 Day walk.  
Mount Anne in the distance. Looking at a map of the trip - we had a GPS and good maps for this trip, they are a real necessity.  
  Most of today's walk is on reasonable track - only a few wet and muddy sections.   Junction Creek
Not as hot and spicy as we had hoped for.

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