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Day Three:  Wednesday - 17 December 2008
Lake Cygnus to Lake Oberon

Side trip
1:    Procyon Peak     
Side trip 2:    Mt Sirius

Walking Time -  5.5 hours

Susan's Diary
Day 3:  With occasional showers throughout the night, we were a bit nervous about today's weather.  Whilst we were packing up, Luca spotted a patch of blue sky, then another.  By the time we began the weather was looking promising, however it was very cold.  For the steep climb up to the Mt. Hayes turnoff we wore our two T-shirts, rain coats, rain pants, gloves and beanie - and we were still cold!  Nonetheless we finally got to see some views and we were lucky enough to have them for the entire day.

Descending off Mt. Hayes we went down a scree slope (loose rocks) that provided opportunities for slipping, but luckily I stayed on my feet.  Procyon Peak had by this stage come into view, with the western side showing a gentle ridge leading to the top.  We wondered why the track to Procyon Peak on the map was near Square Lake, heading north and then east, which looked a much steeper and precarious route.  By the time we reached the start of the ridge, we were convinced this was a better route and we made our way to the top following foot pads on and off.  At the top we climbed the south peak and realised it was the shorter peak, so we scrambled down and climbed the north peak.  From both peaks the views were spectacular with views of many SW mountains, only Mt Anne was under cloud.

Once we rejoined the track a short descent lead to Square Lake and our lunch spot.  Square Lake is incredibly dramatic and looks spectacular and inviing for swimming - too bad the weather and water were freezing cold.  After lunch we climbed up to the ridge overlooking Lake Oberon.  We checked out the "Peter Dombrovskis" view then walked up to Mt Sirus which offered amazing views of the way forward and back as well as views of all the surrounding landmarks.  After we got back to our packs we realised our rain pants had fallen out of the pack, so we went halfway up Mt Sirus again and were very lucky to find them.

The track down into Lake Oberon was also steep as we had been warned, but exposure was little so Luca had no dramas.  We found an excellent camping platform and enjoyed a dinner of mild Indian Curry Rice, with mixed nuts.  Very good and our first meal made outside the tent on this trip!  We reflected on the notorious obstacles on tomorrows journey, then went to bed.


Day 3:
Looking up to the Mt. Hayes turnoff Looking back to Lake Cygnus    
Mt. Hayes
Mt. Hayes 2
Lake Oberon.    This view is famous because of the iconic Peter Dombrovskis photo.
  Like most of the water in the SW, the water is stained by tannins but is still perfectly drinkable    
    Using every opportunity to dry our clothes.  

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