Tasmania: The Overland Track -Page 4

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D’Alton falls That’s as close as he’ll get! I hope we don’t get lost!
A beautiful little path The top of Hartnett falls If only my street sign at home looked like this!
A beautiful little creek, at the bottom of Hartnett falls Hartnett falls – well worth the walk down.  Don’t get water like this in the mainland! You can see the path on the left to Hartnett falls
Gum trees – this walk has everything! How creative are the rangers! A good old swing bridge – on the way to Pine Valley
Our backyard for the night! Camping by the creek at Pine Valley – lots of mosquitoes Day 6 – On the way to the Acropolis
The Acropolis, from afar A natural ladder A bit of rainforest on the way to the Acropolis
Now we’re in shrub – with Luca way out ahead The Acropolis, closer Looking to the east of the Acropolis, the Labyrinth and beyond
The Acropolis, and we’re not getting any closer to those columns Mt Geryon, I would love the grass in the backyard to look like that! Another view from the Acropolis 
Mt Geryon and some more rock Did somebody drop some rocks here? Lake St Clair and Mt Olympus
The easy path to the Acropolis Who said the weather in Tassie was bad? Pandanis, alpine shrub and gum trees – all in the same photo!
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