Tasmania: The Overland Track -Page 3

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Day 4 - Cleaning out the tent A short easy climb through more spooky forest Nice flat ground, but a bit narrow!
Out into the open, with Mt Ossa in the distance Mt Ossa is a bit closer now Rustic looking planks to walk on
The west arm of Mt Ossa in the distance What a pass! Look how far we’ve climbed
They’re going the wrong way! Even further up the mountain That’s Barn Bluff to the left, and Cradle Mountain on the right
A bit of a scramble to get over there! The way back down, with Mt Pelion East in the distance The plateau of Mt Ossa – it’s really quite flat!
Looking west to the walls of Jerusalem Looking south towards the Pine Valley mountains – the Acropolis and Mt Geryon The track back down, and the big track junction
The rounder top of Mt Pelion West, with Barn Bluff and Cradle Mountain back there too! It’s amazing what grows on top of the tallest mountain in Tasmania Why can’t the grass in the front yard look like this!  If only the house was at 1664m altitude!
Heading back down – the summit is on the right Doesn’t this plant have a spectacular view – no wonder it’s so healthy! Creepy trees down in the valley
Permanent resident of Kia Ora Hut Friendly game of Hackey Sack – to release the build up of Lactic Acid in the legs (thanks Toby!) Yummy custard for breakfast on the start of Day 5
Back in the forest again Du Cane Emergency Hut – yes, it would have to be an emergency! Much more inviting surroundings around Du Cane Hut
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