Tasmania: The Overland Track

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  Boarding the ferry in Melbourne The mighty “Spirit of Tasmania”
Goodbye Melbourne! Hello Devonport! Tasmania The quiet streets of Devonport at 7:30am
Cradle Mountain from afar Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain, to be conquered tomorrow Leaving Cradle Mountain for the day
Banquet breakfast before the big walk starts Start of the walk - the pack is heavy! Grass pads around Ronny Creek
Beautiful alpine vegetation crossing the plains at Ronny Creek Crater Lake The view from Marions Lookout
Another view from Marions Lookout Cradle Mountain The track to the top of Cradle Mountain
The Cradle Mountain side trip The flat section of the climb It’s getting a bit messy now!
Looking back down Once we climbed this section of rock fall we got to rest! Looking backwards at the scramble
Another branch of the mountain At the top with the other tourists! Across the top of Cradle Mountain
At the top together! The view from Cradle Mountain Back on the Overland Track
Barn Bluff up ahead Leaving Cradle Mountain behind Some easy walking on boards
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