Tasmania: The Overland Track -Page 2

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Easy track ends the first day The mountains that are still 2 days away Old Waterfall Valley Hut
The new Waterfall Valley Hut Barn Bluff at sunset Leaving Waterfall Valley on the start of Day 2
They’re doing even more track work! A palm tree amongst the alpine scrub View of the alpine plateau
Time to take a bath perhaps? Lake Will Almost at Lake Windermere
Easy walking to end an easy day Beautiful colours Camping near Windermere Hut
Start of Day 3, a 17km stroll to the Pelion plains We won’t be getting many views this morning There are mountains over there I think!
Is that Pine Forest Moor up ahead? At the Pine Forest Moor Amazing change in vegetation
It’s very dark in here! Like a scene from Lord of the Rings Pandanis amongst the pines
Mt Pelion East, from afar The site of the only fall in seven days of walking, where Luca’s arm took a hit for the team! We knew to be careful here after Luca’s earlier fall
Mount Unnamed? Watch your step! Almost there!  Pelion Plain with Mt Oakleigh in the distance
Out on the helipad – a cool afternoon Pelion Plain – where are the elephants? New Pelion Hut
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