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Day - 2 Continues      
The plateau is dotted with boulders, behind which lie views of the ridges leading off the Western Arthurs. The plateau heading back towards Morraine A. The track was often comprised of stepping stones.  An impressive effort by Parks Tasmania.
Lake Fortuna appears, with low cloud handing overhead. The Lord of the Rings views continue. Port Davey to the South of the Track. Lake Fortuna is almost bathed in sunshine.
The rock here is amazing.  It looks like a wrinkled tree trunk! A lake to the north of the Western Arthurs.  I tried to name it, but my map reading skills were struggling this day. Another way off the Western Arthurs. The beautiful prickly alpine plant – I should find out the name!
We took our time along the plateau, stopping for many photos of the clouds closing in on us.  The track was easy to follow, with some short climbs and descents.
We stopped again after a short climb, giving me the opportunity to read the map, so I could try to put names to the land marks.    Looking back at Mt Hesperus.
Finally Lake Cygnus comes into view.  We had taken our time along the plateau, and didn’t feel confident about reaching Lake Oberon, so we took the easy option and decided to stay here for the night, and push on to Lake Oberon tomorrow, weather permitting. There shouldn’t be any draining issues on the camping platform!  Time to put up the tent and let it dry out. At the shore of Lake Cygnus.  You can see the creek feeding into the lake. Closer to the shore still.  There are tadpoles and crustaceans in the lake.
 Luca found a surprise in his shoe – a leech had a nice meal and fell onto his sole to rest. We had the tent set up, and with the clearing weather decided to go for a walk up to Mt Hayes, to take advantage of potential views – who knew what it would be like tomorrow! Lake Cygnus from the main track. Walking along side the rocks towering Lake Cygnus.
With the sun shining on the mountains the colours looked very impressive. Here is a lake to the north of the range. Lake Cygnus again.  Looking north again, many lakes dot the landscape.
The track along the range is fantastic. Lake Pedder in the distance with the dramatic ridge in the foreground. I would hate to climb down here, but it looks very impressive. Looking back at Lake Cygnus.  It’s great to be walking without a pack!  If you look closely you can see the track behind me – it is very steep!
Another view to the north, of Lake Neptune. A spectacular ridge leading along the Western Arthurs.    
 We follow the track alongside the rock to reach the foot of Mt Hayes. The terrain is far more rocky than earlier and much more impressive.  We are lucky to have such great views, and feel the regret of not being further along the range, as each new view is more inviting than the previous.
Heading up Mt Hayes the views of what lies ahead are revealed. A bit of rock scrambling is required, but it is very easy.  There are two summits at the top of Mt Hayes.  We chose the south summit, then we decided to be sure we had actually climbed Mt Hayes, we better climb both summits!
Here is Lake Pedder again. Lake Cygnus from high above. Mt Anne is in the distance. Heading off Mt Hayes in clear weather, the colours are spectacular.
Here I am coming down off the mountain. The afternoon sun setting on the range. The track heading on along the Western Arthur range. The plateau here is well lit by the sun and looks very pretty.
Our tent is all dry after spending the afternoon in the sun.  Our towel and socks are also drying on the tent. Close Day - 2    
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