Precipitous Bluff Loop
(Mid December 2009)
Day 6

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Susan's Diary:

Prion Beach to Surprise Bay
Saturday 19 December
11:30 Ė 16:30

We were expecting a short day to get to Surprise Bay so we didnít set the alarm, and woke up at around 7am again. I had heard rain occasionally throughout the night, but as there was wind with intermittent blue skies, we put a lot of our gear out to dry, and spent the morning relaxing at the campsite.
At 11:30 we were on our way. The track after the boat crossing was very familiar, if not because it was a bit annoying at times with the plants on the edges of the track closing in as we walked through. When we reached Milford Creek we were pretty happy to see the beautiful sand dunes. We thought the water looked deeper than the previous time we had been there and we were worried just how deep it was, especially as it seemed to be quite dark. We started to shed some layers in anticipation, then Luca investigated by going in and was pleasantly surprised to see that it only came up to his knees. We felt pretty silly about our over-dramatisation. The following section involved a climb up where we discovered we were both still tired from the day before. When the track reached the Rocky Plains we enjoyed the opportunity to walk in muddy buttongrass plains which seemed relatively easy by this stage of the walk.
The track improved for some beautiful open forest walking, which was very easy. It reminded us why we had enjoyed the South Coast Walk so much previously. Eventually we arrived at Surprise Bay where we began taking numerous photos. We collected water and were relieved to discover it tasted normal.
We found we were alone at Surprise Bay and were thrilled that our peaceful solitude on the walk looked to be continuing. The weather was magnificent by this stage so we hung up much of our gear to dry. Luca also got the campfire going but had a hard time at first getting the big logs to burn rather than smoke themselves out.
At about 7pm a couple of hikers walked past the campsite and continued to the next one. An hour later a couple more stopped and joined us for the night, where they selected an excellent campsite with amazing views of the bay (we were obviously too hasty in our selection!!)
The evening was chilly but the sunset gave excellent opportunities for photos, so we headed down the short staircase back to the beach. Luca theorised that if he were to describe paradise, he would probably end up describing Surprise Bay, but with warmer water! During the night the skies cleared and the stars were magnificent.


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