Mount Anne Circuit Walk
(Late November 2009)
Day 1

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Susan's Diary:

Red Tape Creek to High Camp
Friday 20 November 2009
12:45 –14:05 – 14:30 - 16:00

After spending the morning in Hobart getting the EPIRB, gas and more dry bags, we arrived at Condominium Creek car park just after 12:00 noon. We spent almost 30 minutes repacking our bags, putting boots and gaiters on and then hiding our backpacks in the bush nearby. We then drove onto Red Tape Creek car park, left the car and completed the 8km road bash back to our packs and the start of the walk.
On the drive in, Mt Anne was in full view despite the presence of a number of ominous clouds. The climb up began all too soon after the registration hut and the pack began to feel heavy quickly. About half way up we disappeared into the mist ourselves and the remaining views of Lake Pedder similarly disappeared. With the views gone, the walk looked somewhat like the western side of the Ironbounds, with low scrub, granite rocks and a well maintained rocky track (similarities end there!). It isn’t muddy like Luckman’s Lead or Morraine A, and all up its a fair bit easier, at least up until the hut.
It was with much relief that we saw the first campsite at High camp as my legs were really beginning to tire. We found ourselves alone at the hut, so decided to take advantage of the luxurious set up!
After organising our gear and testing out our new puffy (down) jackets, we were enjoying Pad Thai at 5:30pm followed by Apple Cobbler for desert, courtesy of the internet and the excellent exchange rate. They were both very good.
It was an excellent hut and we slept well with no sign of the local rat visiting us.


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