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This track leads to the summit of the magnificent white quartzite dome of Frenchmans Cap (1446 m), the most prominent mountain peak in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. The track is considerably more arduous than many other Tasmanian walks, including the Overland Track. This is a T2 track which means that the surface may be rough and muddy over extended sections, especially across the Lodden Plains, and it may be steep in places. Most walkers spend between 3 and 5 days completing the return trip, a distance of about 23 km each way. The track starts at the signpost beside the Lyell Highway about 200 km from Hobart and 55 km from Queenstown.
The carpark - well sort of - its just on the side of the "Lyell Highway". Registration Hut.
The Franklin River Fortunately there is a swing bridge over it.
The start - quite an easy start as we go over some very old duckboards. This area is very scenic

Mud - we had been warned - this was the first sign and it was childs play. rainforest
Frenchman's Cap is straight ahead - it's meant to be visible at this point. We continue along this nice and easy path.
No views due to low cloud but at least the rain is holding off.


A glimpse of quartz rock.


The weather in Tasmania's high country can change rapidly. The track beyond Barron Pass is entirely above 900 metres and may be subject to high winds, mist, rain, hail and snow - even in summer. Rain normally falls on 15 to 20 days each month during summer and more often in other seasons. 

Phytophthora cinnamomi is a fungus that kills many of our native plants. Mud and soil, which is carried on vehicles, boots, gaiters and toilet trowel, helps to spread the disease.The Frenchmans Cap Track is currently free of Phytophthora. To prevent infecting this area your boots and all gear that comes in contact with the soil should be cleaned of any mud or dirt prior to your walk.  You will come across a washdown station about 20 minutes from the start of the walk.

Bridge leading to the Loddon plains - where the bog really starts. The mud starts  but this is Ok - if only the rest of the plains was like this.  It gets worse!

A scenis view of the Loddon Plains - without the mud.  
Low cloud hangs about killing the glorious views that should be here. Look's harmless!  What's all the fuss about.
But it is really wet - watch your step there's water behind all the bushes too. At the end of Philp's Lead there's a bridge and then a short climb that begins like this

It's quite wet in this mossy section of forest  - but little mud! More of the same
Out in the open again This plain used to be a quagmire of mud, but track work has made it enjoyable.
For more information on the walk please visit the Parks webpage  

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