London 2015
Day 1

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This is part 2 of the story of our trip, this part is to London in May of 2015.  It was part of a round the world trip that included France, London
and the USA (New York, Niagara Falls, Canyon Country and the Tall Trees)

This is Day 1 of our 4 day stay in London - Arrival Day.


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Day -1 Arrival in London from Paris      Day-1 Arrival
We chose to get from Paris to London via fast train and the Euro tunnel.  After going through both French and British passport checks we boarded the high speed train to London.  It felt like any ordinary train, quite smooth.  It wasn't until you noticed that we were speeding past traffic on the nearby freeway that would have been going 100km/hr at least, that you realised how fast you were actually going.  We sped up and slowed as we passed other trains and stations along the way. Suddenly the lights went on and we were in the tunnel - no idea of speed.  Arriving in London we caught the tube to Earls Court station and then walked to our hotel nearby.  After a coffee we headed off to the Shard.  Back to the tube station and into the city, getting off at the nearest station that we could determine to the Shard.  We walked to the Thames River and along the riverbank path towards the Shard passing many historical landmarks and tourist attractions. Finally we got the The Shard and after paying and the obligatory green screen cameo we took the lift to the observatory, some 69 stories up.  After a few shots we went up to the 72nd floor (800 feet up) which is the open air area.  You, unfortunately, have to take photos through glass walls.  After the Shard we continued along the Thames waterfront and then crossed over the river via the old London Bridge and on to the Tower of London and then to the old Roman Wall. The wall is some 1800 years old, being built around 200 AD.  Along the way we saw a number of "Shaun the Sheep"  statues which were wonderful, our grandkids love the TV series.  Being next to a tube station we headed home.  Outside the Earls Court Station was an old Blue Police box - Dr Who?  I was smiling at the thought that these boxes still exist.


Gare du Nord Station.  The train that will take us to London at 300 km/hr!  A freight train leaving its side of the Channel Tunnel as we enter our side. Heading off sightseeing - our goal is the the Shard, the tall building in this photo.
Walking along beside the Thames River.
The Golden Hinde replica.

Modern Roman Soldier Statue, in front of the  Southwark Cathedral; the Shard in the background

Views from the Shard 
The Tower of London.  The London Bridge.  Looking down to street level, 800 feet below.
St Paul's Cathedral.  The London Eye  
Hay's Galleria The Navigators, 1987, a sculpture by David Kemp  Towards the city centre. 

WWII battleship - HMS Belfast

Tower of London  Shaun the Sheep - Working for Charity 
The Shard London Bridge   
City centre - The Gherkin on the right  The Shard  Crossing over the London Bridge. 
  Cannons guarding the Tower   
  Lions in the Tower.   
Shaun the Sheep - Working for Charity   Roman Wall - 1800 years old - Tower of London in the background.  Has Dr Who arrived? Phone Boxes actually exist!

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