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  Date added Date  taken Action: Processed Pages
  24Dec19 08Nov19 Added Tas Orchids Prasophyllum abblittiorum Pallid leek orchid    Tas 110   Aus 1034
  11Dec19 05Dec18 Added WA Orchids Prasophyllum sp 'Late swamps'  Late Swamp Leek Orchid        WA 379  Aus 1033
  19Oct19 14Oct19 Updated Vic Orchids Pterostylis foliata Slender Greenhood
  07Oct19 13Sept19 Added Vic Orchids Caladenia (Arachnorchis) fulva - Yellow Form  Tawny Spider Orchid   N/a
40 06Oct19 18Sept19 Added Vic Orchids Thelymitra mackibbini Brilliant Sun Orchid    Vic 402   Aus 1032
  03Oct19 29Sept19 Updated Vic Orchids Caladenia (Arachnorchis) xanthochila Yellow Lip Spider Orchid
  24Sept 24Aug19 Added Vic Orchids Pterostylis sp 'mallee snail' Mallee Snail Orchid     Vic 401   Aus 1031
  24Sept19 18Sept19 Added Vic Orchids Caladenia audasii McIvor Spider Orchid   Vic 400   Aus 1030
  23Sept19 12Sept19 Added Vic Orchids Jonesiopsis bicaliata Dwarf Limestone Spider Orchid    Vic 399 
35 22Sept19 18Sept19 Updated Vic Orchids Caladenia reticulata Veined Spider Orchid    
  22Sept19 25Aug19 Added to Walks Piccaninny Walk - Southern Grampians
  14Aug19 05Aug19 Updated Vic Orchids Acianthus collinus Hooded Mosquito Orchid
  12Aug19 28July19 Updated Vic Orchids Corysanthes / Corybas despectans  Coast Helmet-Orchid
  10Aug19 26July19 Added to Vic Orchids Urochilus arbusculus Short Banded Greenhood         Vic398  Aus 1029
  24July19 19Oct18 Updated Vic Orchids Chiloglottis sp 'Lowland' Lowland Bird Orchid
30 22July19 10Oct17 Added to Vic Orchids Caladenia hybrid C. versicolor x greencomb
  22July19 10Oct17 Updated Vic Orchids Arachnorchis/Caladenia villosissima Hairy Spider Orchid
  21July19 11June17 Updated Vic Orchids Chiloglottis reflexa Autumn Bird Orchid
  17July19 08Oct13 Updated Vic Orchids Arachnorchis sp 'Mallee Heath' Pallid Spider Orchid  (renamed)
  16July19 12Oct17 Updated Vic Orchids Arachnorchis haemantha Coonawarra Spider Orchid (renamed)
25 16July19 07July14 Updated Vic Orchids Corysanthes diemenicus Stately Helmet Orchid
  15July19 04Sept18 Updated Vic Orchids Corysanthes incurva Slaty Helmet Orchid
  15July19 08June14 Updated Vic Orchids Diplodium grandiflorum Cobra Greenhood
  12July19 05Aug14 Updated Vic Orchids Linguella nana Snail Orchid
  12July19 13Oct17 Updated Vic Orchids Petalochilus ornatus Ornate Fingers
20 29June19 07Oct14 Updated Vic Orchids Plumatochilos tasmanicum Southern Plumed Greenhood
  20June19 03Nov18 Added Vic Orchids Pterostylis sp 'North-West Plains' by R stanley
  17June19 22Aug17 Updated WA Orchids Plumatichilus barbatum Bird Orchid  (Pterostylis barbata) 
  11June19 29Sept17 Added Vic Orchids Plumatichilos plumosum Plumed Greenhood (Pterostylis plumosa)  Vic 307   Aus 1028
  05Jun19 16May19 Updated NSW Orchids Diplodium revolutum (Pterostylis revoluta) Autumn Greenhood
15 05Jun19 16May19 Updated NSW Orchids Diplodium obtusum (Pterostylis obtusa) Blunt Greenhood
  22May19 16Oct16 Added Vic Orchids Pterostylis sp aff bisetus ROA Maldon
  20May19 31Oct16 Added Vic Orchids Pterostylis sp aff bisetus Charlton
  19May19 02Nov18 Added Vic Orchids Thelymitra latifolia Flat-leaf Sun orchid
  16May19 11Sep18 Added Vic Orchids Thelymitra mackibbini Brilliant Sun Orchid      
  14May19 27Oct18 Added to Vic Walks Mt Rosea Walk - Grampians
  10May19 19Apr19 Added to Vic Walks Mt Abrupt Walk - Grampians
  10May19 18Apr19 Added to Vic Walks Sundial Peak Walk - Grampians
  10May19 17Apr19 Added to Vic Walks Walk from Sundial Car Park to the Pinnacles and Return - Grampians
  10May19 14Apr19 Added to Vic Walks Mt Staplyton walk - Grampians
  04May19 12Apr19 Added to Vic Walks Langi Ghiran Reservoir and Water Race Walk
  30Apr19 16Apr19 Added to Vic Walks Lake Wartook Lookout Walk - Grampians
  27Mar19 30Apr17 Added Vic Orchids Corunastylis tepperi Mallee Midge Orchid
10 12Feb19 13Oct17 Added SA Orchids Caladenia villosisima Hairy Spider Spider Orchid   SA 171
  30Jan19 01Dec18 Added SA Orchids Thelymitra pauciflora Slender Sun Orchid   SA170
  26Jan19 18Nov18 Added SA Orchids Thelymitra holmesii Swamp Sun-orchid    SA169
  23Jan19 01Dec18 Added SA Orchids Stegostyla iridescens  Shining Gremlin-orchid    SA168
  21Jan19 04Nov18 Added SA Orchids Stegostyla moschata Musky gremlin-orchid     SA 167
5 21Jan19 01Dec18 Added SA Orchids Caladenia or Stegostyla congesta Black Tongue Caladenia    SA 166
  19Jan19 31Oct18 Added to Vic Walks Sea Cliff Nature Walk and Lighthouse walk
  05Jan19 02Nov18 Added to Vic Walks Princess Margaret Rose Caves
  01Jan19 04Nov18 Added SA Orchids Petalochilus carnea var subulata Pointed lip pale fairy orchid SA 165
  01Jan19 04Nov18 Added SA Orchids Petalochilus mentiens Little Pink Fingers   SA 164
  01Jan19 04Nov18 Added SA Orchids Calochilus platychilus Common Bearded Orchid    SA 163
1 01Jan19 04Nov18 Added SA Orchids Calochilus paludosus Red Beard Orchid     SA 162

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