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33 31Dec16 13Oct16 Added WA Orchids Thelymitra latiloba   Wandoo Azure Sun Orchid    WA 350    AUS 992
  30Dec16 05Nov16 Added WA Orchids Thelymitra sp 'Ongerup'   Orange Sun Orchid        WA 350      AUS  991
  29Dec16 07Dec16 Added WA Orchids Thelymitra tigrina  Tiger Orchid        WA 349    AUS  990
30 28Dec16 20Oct16 Added WA Orchids Thelymitra magnifica  Crystal Brook Star Orchid       WA 348   AUS 989
  28Dec16 14Nov16 Added WA Orchids Thelymitra yorkensis   York Sun Orchid        WA 347   AUS  988
  27Dec16 19Oct16 Added WA Orchids Drakaea confluens  The Late Hammer Orchid     WA 346    AUS  987
  27Dec16 28Sep16 Added WA Orchids Drakaea isolata Lonely Hammer Orchid   WA345   AUS 986
  02Jun16 06May16 Added WA Orchids Praecoxanthus aphyllus Leafless Orchid   WA 344  AUS 985
25 25Mar16 09Nov15 Updated NSW Orchids Prasophyllum sylvestre Forest Leek Orchid     NSW 270
  24Mar16 06Nov15 Updated NSW Orchids Diuris aequalis Buttercup Doubletail Orchid
  22Mar16 26Oct15 Added to QLD Orchids Oligochaetochilus rufus Red Rustyhood       QLD 29
  15Mar16 28Nov15 Added to Walks Great Ocean Walk
  15Mar16 24Oct15 Added to QLD Orchids Prasophyllum sp ‘New England batholith’        
  10Mar16 09Mar16 Updated Vic Orchids Corunastylis pumila Green Midge Orchid
20 07Mar16 26 Feb16 Updated Vic Orchids Diplodium variegatum Blotched Hyacinth Orchid   Also NSW and QLD
  07Mar16 27Oct15 Added Vic Orchids Corunastylis sp 'Gippsland Plains'  East Gippsland Midge Orchid
  07Mar16 24Oct15 Added NSW Orchids Oligochaetochilus sp 'northern Tablelands'   
  22Feb16 June15 Added to OS-USA Globus - Northern California's Finest 
  12Feb16 June15 Added to OS-USA Globus - Canyons and National Parks Spectacular
  27Jan16 07Dec15 Updated NSW Orchids Diuris venosa Veined Doubletail Orchid    
  27Jan16 07Dec15 Updated Vic Orchids Prasophyllum sphacelatum Large Alpine Leek Orchid 
15 25Jan16 16Jan16 Updated Vic Orchids Prasophyllum alpestre Highland Leek Orchid             
  22Jan16 16Oct15 Added NSW Orchids Oligochaetochilus boormanii Sikh's Whiskers or Borman's Rustyhood   NSW  269
  21Jan16 26Oct15 Added QLD Orchids Oligochaetochilus woollsii Long Tail Greenhood              QLD  28
  21Jan16 03Nov15 Added NSW Orchids Oligochaetochilus woollsii Long Tail Greenhood                  NSW  268
  19Jan16 13Oct15 Added NSW Orchids Arachnorchis sp 'Inland NSW' Plains Mantis-orchid          NSW  267    AUS  984
10 17Jan16 12Oct15 Added NSW Orchids Oligochaeochilus petrosus Riverina Rustyhood - Green Form
  17Jan16 12Oct15 Added NSW Orchids Oligochaetochilus petrosus Riverina Rustyhood           NSW  266     AUS  983
  15Jan16 14Oct15 Added NSW Orchids Oligochaetochilus cobarensis Inland Rustyhood                 NSW  265     AUS  982
  13Jan16 14Oct15 Added NSW Orchids Oligochaetochilus praetermissus Mount Kaputar Rustryhood               NSW 264    AUS  981
  13Jan16 17Oct15 Added NSW Orchids Diuris parvipetala Slender Purple Donkey Orchid                          NSW  263   AUS  980
05 09Jan16 02Nov15 Added NSW Orchids Diuris chrysantha Granite Donkey Orchid       NSW  262
  09Jan16 19Oct15 Added QLD Orchids Diuris chrysantha Granite Donkey Orchid         QLD 27    AUS  979
  09Jan16 22Oct15 Added QLD Orchids Dockrillia schoenina Common Pencil Orchid                  QLD  26      AUS  978
  08Jan16 04Jan16 Added NSW Orchids Dockrillia cucumerina Cucumber Orchid                        NSW  261     AUS  977
  08Jan16 31Dec15 Added NSW Orchids Corunastylis rhyolitica Pambula Midge Orchid                   NSW 260   AUS  976

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