Jonesiopsis abbreviata
Coastal Spider Orchid
Caladenia abbreviata

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Photographed on 14 November 2012 near Augusta, WA.
As you can see left, this is a small flowered but distinctive looking orchid which we found growing in sandy soil in and around small shrubs around 3 km from the sea.  It is easily identified as it's the only wispy spider out at this time in the habitat, plus its distinctive looks.

This was our second trip to the area to try to locate this orchid. Too early the first time, just right the second.  We found this orchid flower quite close to where we were told it might be and where we thought it might be.  It was on the edge of a track and Mischa noticed it.  We were not the first to see it as the previous person, perhaps a photo enthusiast had erected a couple of small supports to keep the orchid steady in the breeze.  We looked all around the area but it was a lone flower. Continuing on we thought that the lone flower might be all that we would see, still too early perhaps, but if one is fully out there must be others around. Luckily  just prior to giving up another flower was found that had passed on.  Looking deeper into the bush we soon found another 15 + plants to photograph.  These had not been discovered before us and hopefully not after us.