Orchids of Tasmania


Reference Books:
All care has been taken in the identification of Orchids noted on this website, however, if I've made a mistake please contact me and let me know.

Books I have used are:

1:    The Orchids of Tasmania David Jones, Hans Wapstra, Peter Tonelli & Stephen Harris

2.    Native Orchids of Australia - D L Jones - 2006

3.    Orchids of Tasmania  - SGAP & Phil Collier  1993

4.    Australian Orchid Research Vol.  3

5.    The Orchids of Victoria.  G N Backhouse & J Jeanes.  Also their CD "Wild Orchids of Victoria" - Updated 2004 & Wild Orchids of Victoria - J Jeanes & G Backhouse - 2006  (Nb/ many orchids occur in Tasmania & Victoria