Danhatchia novaehollandiae    
Southern Danhatchia 

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Photographed December 2012 at Bundanoon.
Found in Australia, this orchid was formerly named Danhatchia australis, after the New Zealand species. David L Jones and M A Clements renamed it Danhatchia novaehollandiae, a new species in the magazine Australian Orchid Review - August September 2018 Pages 56-58

Discovered in Australia in 2010 near Port Macquarie and in 2012 at Bundanoon, NSW.
 This orchid is found in New Zealand and was named initially in 1963 by Edwin Dan Hatch as Yoania australis and renamed in 1995 as Danhatchia australis.   In New Zealand it is deemed to be 'At Risk - Naturally Uncommon'
The orchid seems to self-pollinate and therefore does not always opens its flowers.