X Taurodium toveyanum
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X Pterostylis toveyana  

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Photographed in the Brisbane Ranges National Park on 10 May 2011.

This named greenhood is a hybrid between the Taurantha concinna (Trim Greenhood) and the Diplodium striata (Striped Greenhood).   As it requires both parents to grow in close proximity to each other, it is a rather rare hybrid orchid.   The hybrid has a similar labellum to the striata and grows with leaves similar to a rosette (the Striata does not grow from a rosette).  Thus to identify this orchid in the field it is necessary to examine each plant for the correct labellum and check whether it is growing from a rosette or not.  The orchid is often found in grass so the this ID is not always easy.  The plant is reasonably small at up to 20 cm.