Prasophyllum australe  
Austral Leek Orchid or  
Southern Leek  

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It was 10 days ago when we found this orchid but only one of the many flowers were open. So we penciled in our diaries to come back and had waited until this day.  Why? Rain had just started; hard for a change.  But no going back, we had to photograph it now, we had a schedule to meet.

So under two jackets I flashed away.  When I had finished so did the rain - so we took quite a few more. The schedule just died.

Photographed at Anglesea.

Details (Vic):

Flowering:  Flowering October to December, Mainly November.

Size: Up to 90cm tall,  flowers - 10 to 60, to 15mm across. 

Location:  Coastal areas, plus the Grampians. Moist heathlands, swamps and heathy woodlands.

Endemic, Secure.