Petalochilus ornatus Ornate Pink Fingers
Caladenia ornata  


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After awhile you start to ignore the small Pink Fingers when your walking, looking for bigger game.  We had read that there was a slightly different one in this area, so we kept our eyes open for a different pink fingers.  We looked at so many, it was tedious.  But at last we found one that was truly different.  The labellum was beautifully red, so different from the normal Pink Finger.

Photographed in the Stawell area.


Details (Vic):

Flowering:  Flowering September - October, mainly September.

Size: Up to 20cm tall,  flowers -  usually 1to 3, to 30mm across

Position: Few locations, mainly western Victoria, Grampians area.

Endemic, Vulnerable.

Previously:  Caladenia carnea R Br var ornata