Diuris fragrantissima  
Sunshine Diuris or Fragrant Doubletail
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We had completed a walk looking for native plants and orchids in local grasslands.  As a reward we were shown the highly endangered Diuris fragrantissima.  Only a few native plants survive in the wild now with only 1 known orchid being found in 1992.  A group of some 300 plants grown from seed by members of the following groups, ANOS, Parks, DSE, RBG Melbourne, Melbourne University and the Melbourne Zoo have now been re-introduced back to the grasslands of Melbourne.

Thank you Fiona and Katrina for a fun day.

Photographed in Melbourne Grasslands.

Details (Vic):

Photographed:  November 2005

Flowering:  Flowering October to November.

Size: Up to 20cm tall,  flowers -  usually 1 to 6, to 35mm across

Location:  Grasslands on fertile volcanic loams.

Endemic, Endangered.