Name: Diplodium grandiflorum Common Name: Cobra Greenhood
    Synonym: Pterostylis grandiflora
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This is a lovely Greenhood, easily identified due to the conspicuous dark red colouring near the top (Galea) of the flower.  All the books show it clearly for a change. It is a very different Greenhood from all the others around.  It gets its common name due to the fact that the flower is broadly flared at the tip - similar to a "Cobra".

This is stated to be a rare orchid in Victoria, so I was happy to be able to get a photograph of it at home. 

I first saw this orchid in NSW April 2005 - along the Cascades walk in the Blue mountains, hiding in a moist position under some bracken/grass, as usual right next to a very busy path.  In June I found it flowering in Victoria, in a reserve on the outskirts of Melbourne.  The Sun was out and it was a very pleasant day for a walk in the bush.

Another year has passed and this year we have found a Green form of this orchid - very rare indeed!

Details (Vic):

Flowering:  May to September, mainly June/July

Size: Up to 20cm tall, flower - 40mm x 20mm  (see below)

Position:  Grows in the shade, under grasses/bracken etc well drained moist areas - open forests.

Endemic, Rare.


Above - 2 photos of NSW Cobra Greenhoods - Blue Mountains