Name: Chiloglottis reflexa Common Name: Autumn Bird Orchid
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It helps sometimes to have a guide when looking for orchids, especially one who knows where they are.  We were shown this orchid while on a field trip with ANOS Victoria by our local guide who lives near the reserve.  It's often who you know not what you know - as the old saying goes.

This find also put to bed what are the differences between the reflexa and the close relative the trilabra.  The trilabra has recently been identified and named. It was recently classified with the reflexa.

Photographed at Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve, Victoria.

Details (Vic):

Flowering:  Flowering February - September.

Size: Up to 15cm tall,  flowers -  1, to 15mm across. 

Position:  Occurs commonly in southern Victoria in heath and heathy woodland in sandy soils.

Endemic, Secure.