Arachnorchis phaeoclavia: Brown Clubed Spider Orchid


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This orchid was proving hard to find, we knew it was in the area, but no exact location.  We had found at least 7 other orchids over the last 2 hours - but we continued for another 2 till we finally found it.  Good exercise is part of a healthy orchid finders daily habit - just like choc late!  Yes we were happy campers!

Photographed at One Tree Hill, Lower section.

Details (Vic):

Flowering:  Flowering September to Jan, mainly October to November

Size: Stem to 25cm tall, flowers -1, 40 mm across.  Mine are a tad smaller!

Location: Mainly inland , central Victoria. Favours woodlands and open forests, on slopes with well drained soils.

Endemic, Secure.

Previously:  Caladenia Phaeoclavia

Bud, days away from opening!