Arachnorchis stricta - Upright Spider



Photographed in the Little Desert, Victoria.

It was late, the Sun was fading, was this just another Spider Orchid?  Well, we'll photograph it and see what we see later. This establishes a basic law of orchid hunting - shoot and ask questions later! 

In this instance it was another new find and we were all happy.

Taken with a 2megapixel point & shoot Digital Camera - it shows you can get results with basic equipment, but better helps alot.

Details (Vic):

Flowering:  Flowering September - November, mainly in October.

Size: Up to 30cm tall,  flowers -  usually 1 to 40mm across

Position:  Isolated areas in Western Victoria, Big & Little Deserts.

Endemic, Vulnerable

Previously:  Caladenia stricta