Arachnorchis Versicolor  Candy Spider Orchid

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We were away, yet again, chasing orchids around the Grampians.  The search book was out and we were cruising looking for a particular type of area. We stopped and started searching - no luck, we started back to the car, when we decided to look on the other side of the road, still no luck.  But they are here somewhere in a 30km radius.  We started walking to the road to head back - we spotted some colour and we were lucky!  Candies by the dozen! Not 30Km but only 30m.  So close but they could have been so far.

Photographed in the Grampians - Stawell area.

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Details (Vic):

Flowering:  Flowering September - November, mainly between October and November.

Size: Up to 25cm tall,  flowers -  usually 1or 2, to 60mm across

Position:  Few locations, mainly western Victoria, Grampians area.

Endemic, Vulnerable.

Previously:  Caladenia Versicolor


It is thought that these orchids are generally pollinated by pseudocopulation (male thynnid wasp), so no wonder this lovely Bee is looking around carefully.

The leaf -  to 10cm by 8mm.  Hairy.

The bud