Arachnorchis Fulva: Tawny Spider Orchid

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We were being lead to a new spider orchid find by Reiner when he casually pointed out a sun orchid, Mischa jumped for joy and rushed past the sun orchid to this very new spider orchid (to us anyway).

We looked at it from all angles and agreed it was new to all of us.  We took a zillion photos but identification had to wait a week till we got home and checked all our books - I think we got it right.

We moved on to the other spider, very happy and hoping for yet another new discovery.  We weren't disappointed.

Photographed near Stawell, Victoria

Details (Vic):

Flowering:  Flowering September - October, mainly September.

Size: Up to 20cm tall,  flowers -  usually 1or 2, to 80mm across

Position: Few locations, mainly western Victoria, Grampians area.

Endemic, Endangered.

Previously:  Caladenia Fulva