Wave Rock WA - Summer
We were in WA and had done a few Perth type things, so seeing it was going to be 40oC we might as well go bush and see wave rock.  It will be quite awhile before we can get back again. We boarded a Bus at 8AM and headed East through the Wheat Belt - 2 hours on and we stopped for a break in the quiet and quaint town of  York. An hour latter we again stretched our legs at the Corrigin Dog Cemetery of all places and we actually looked around.  You get attached to pets don't you! This is a statue of the first dog to be laid to rest
  Extensive grounds Typical Finally we ended up at the Hyden cafe at Wave Rock - They claim this to be one of the largest crochet collections.
There is a Zoo of sorts out back - so we take a look before the grand Tour. Peacocks - including an albino another albino - a Wallaby A Cockatoo - They are always white.
An Alpaca I thing - yes another white animal! Albino Kangaroo A mob of Albino Kangaroos - They have a thing going don't they! We head back for lunch - the old car takes my eye. 
These are guides for the walk if you go it alone!   First View of Wave Rock.  Others catch up!
A fault line A long view Rain helps form the colours' of the rock by washing down chemicals over the face.  
    Spot the Lizard Slowly the rock corrodes and slices of rock can fall.
As this is not a Aboriginal sacred spot we can climb here as we like. The rock has a large surface area and so a reservoir has been built to collect the water. This wall directs the water to the reservoir. We scamper up the hill
View form the top - Salt pans formed by rising saltwater are close by      
  Up the Top.    How do you get down - just climb over the wall and walk.
Are you sure Yes!    
  A good angle halfway down the slope    
The end - back to the bus and off to Mulka's Cave Read the boards for the nasty tail of  Mulka    
    A tight squeeze but there's a lot of room inside  
  Rock drawings - very old    
    We then move on to the birthing cave - then homeward bound  
    A storm comes and goes without seeing us All the crops have been cut
  Salt pans form with the drying out of the ponds and waterways It seems a long way, but over the hill it seems further.  We get back late after 10PM