Rottnest Island WA - Jan 2008
Back Rottnest the place to see - I'm sure that's what the ads say.  It was nice but so rushed
Starting the trip out from Barrack St Jetty The skyline behind us   Past the last of the Freemantle buildings and out
past the lighthouse to the open sea. It's only 18km - but lots of ships coming and going. Bicycles are the main means of getting around - or the local bus Blue skies and blue seas
Perth from the beach The "Submarine boat"  taking us out to see the sunken boats and other sights - well mainly fish
    Yellow coral Our train - I know it's a bus, but we booked the train.  No one told us the train derailed a few months ago and is not running for awhile till the rails get fixed - well perhaps never then.
The seashore sights were great  - Snorkeling on the beach sounded fun   Quokka (Setonix brachyurus)
The train driver stopped when he saw these little critters - very tame and very watchable.
This 9.2 inch gun was installed on Oliver Hill, for defence of the Fremantle port. They were never fired.
View from the top A 6 inch barrel could be installed inside the 9.2 inch cannon and this was used for practice shooting. The lighthouse was a sighting station for the guns
Explosive storage room   The tunnel was built by removing the sand  - making the tunnel then putting all the sand back - Wow! Engine room for the gun - hydralics was used to turn her about.
  The train comes to pick us up.    
They say the new windmill has not killed any birds - unlike the power line near these birds roasting place. Perth straight ahead.  
      Some rich persons place - probably not a home.
Kite- boarding   The old brewery - now flash apartments