Kings Park - WA
Back We had been to Kings Park a few years ago in Spring and wondered what it would be like in mid Summer.  We took the free bus around town and got off at
Jacobs Ladder - well that was a mistake - hundreds of steps later we arrive at the top. But the view was good.   The start of the park has an avenue of white gums - just brilliant.
This is the gardens area - lush with water Great Views of the city skyline   Queen Victoria
  Lunch break The more formal British gardens area With drought at home its hard to imagine you can still run one - it was good to see.
Off for a walk - the start The shelter was a work of art    
Concrete paths at this point The bush shows how it really is - DRY!! A side step to the DNA tower 360o views from the top of the city and around.
  A little help - wish I knew more of the names.    
Back on the bush walk Nature is always close by Yes, something was in flower We change directions and come to a sand path
A surprise - a kids play area and pond   Including and island of fun Chocolate Lilly
      Interesting - I've never seen the fruit of this plant before.
And the city views come back   Yes, they have a "walk in the trees" as well.  
      The WA Magpie - black backed not white as we have at home.
Back to the gardens     We leave again passing the white gums - great.
  Queen Victoria's cannons!