WA - Karratha Rock Art

Back We had just flown into Karratha and after the shock of the heat (40oC + )and high humidity we decided to go out for a look around.  So after a bit of driving our tour brought us to this area to see the rock art and beach area
What could be better - a good looking beach Blue skies Mangroves But where's the sand - none just sea shells.  So back out to the Rock Art Walk
We start in midday sun! A difficult start - a rocky path! And this is really rock art But Karratha is an industrial town - steel columns often stick up out of no where.
A very interesting place - it's fascinating! Many boulders have carvings on them.  Some larger some small. A Sea eagle A stack burning in the distance
Only a few trees - but the white trunk in great.   Mid Summer - wet - perhaps a spring No rain here for months.
Typical - rock mountains This way and that The carvings up close
  A large canvas for rock art Art everywhere.  
This waterhole has been dry for ages - waiting for the Cyclone season   Finch's watering Waiting for there turn - or are they keeping a look-out.
  Walking out   The site deserves better.