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We love going to these gardens and have so for over 20 years.  Things have changed a lot in this time.  Most recently is the addition of the 21st Century Garden.  This is the new entrance - built on a grand scale.  Strangely the entrance seems to be a stylized boat with steel palm trees acting as sails - very impressive indeed.  This new area was added around 2000, with the main gardens opening in 1851.  This makes it the fourth oldest gardens in Australia. 
Map of the Gardens     The new entrance from afar Bottle trees closer to the doors.

View from the boat.   A grasslands favourite - Blue Devils.   Cacti plants in a bold planting.
 Cacti close-ups. The old entrance - quite traditional Bollard figures greeting you The Avenue A Fountain at the end.
The Rose Garden - weeds in heaven. A favourite - the glass hot house This year even better as an epiphyte orchid greets you at the entrance.
    A statue - just how do people carve such amazing things Amazing colour  

  Outside again The Aussie section.    
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