Lake Cave -
Margaret River Area, WA


One of the few beautiful limestone caves in the Margaret River - Augusta area.   The access is via a lovely sales and booking area with a interesting information area on how caves form.  The tour guide takes you down the many steps in a vast hole to the small entrance to the cave.  The hole, called a doline was a large underground cave like the one which we were going to see, which collapsed forming the deep hole, some stalactites can still be seen on the exposed rock faces.  The area is still recovering from recent fires and their is still evidence of this within the cave area.  The cave has many interesting formations.  The main one to my mind is the suspended columns, here the base of the 2 massive columns has been eroded away leaving the columns suspended above the shallow river.  It seems the river is low due to a new tree plantation being grown on the rivers catchment area some 2 km upstream reducing the water flow to the caves.  Apart from the stairs this is a great cave to visit.

Lake Cave Location Map


Lake Cave Information Area Display Cave Display Cave - Man made Stalactites
Display Cave - Stalactites Display Cave - Stalactites - How they formed Stairway to cave entrance - way below!
Stairway to cave entrance Stairway to cave entrance Old Stalactites near cave entrance
Stairway to cave entrance Stairway to cave entrance Stairway to cave entrance - looking up
Stairway to cave entrance Stairway to cave entrance Heading into the cave
At the start of the cave    
  Suspended Columns  
    Bottom of the columns reflected in the water
    Fragile straws
Fragile straws Fragile straws  
  Short light show  
  3 Australian animals, The Kangaroo is obious 3 Australian animals,I forget the other 2
  The old way in Back outside, some way up the long climb to the top, looking down
Back outside, looking up this time Looking down, walkway to cave Recent bush fire damage, yet to be rebuilt

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