Jewel Cave -
Margaret River/Augusta Area


Ho Hum, just another Limestone cave, however this is no ho hum cave, it may be the best cave we have seen in Australia and we have seen caves in almost every state of Australia.  The cave is cavernous and has the longest straw stalactite, I'm told, in the world at over 5.4m.  Further it has a huge flowstone resembling a karri forest and also a stalagmite weighing in at an estimated weight of 20 tonnes.  Fossilized remains  of Tasmanian tigers have also been found in the cave.    Hopefully the photos below give justice to this amazing cave.

Jewel Cave Location Map
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Entrance walkway. Out of the shop - down the ramp to the cave entrance  
The cave entrance Down the steps to the huge caven Walkway to firest landing
    The original entrance
    The world's longest known straw stalactite
Goig down further   Looking up.
    Lake chamber
  red line indicting old water levels Organ pipes
  Light show  
    Broken column
    Masses of straw stalactites
Tour guide talking about the cave    
I see a bird, do you? Heading out. Tasmanian tiger statue - fossils found in the cave.

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