Tall Trees Day Out
Hilltop Lookout, Giant Tingle Trees,
 Circular Pool and
Valley of the Giants - Treetop Walk


Travelling home via the southern loop we arrived at Walpole and decided to visit the big tree tourist spots along the way.

The first, detour was to the Hilltop lookout.  At this point your could start a few walks as the Bibbulmun trail is close-by.  We continued on to the Giant Tingle Trees and then on to Circular Pool and then  returned to the South Coast Highway.  Our second diversion was to the Valley of the Giants and Treetop Walk.   Overall a great day out!

Map 1 - Hilltop Lookout, Giant Tingle Trees and Circular Pool Loop
Map 2 - Valley of the Giants, Tree Top Walk and Ancient Empire Walk.


Hilltop Lookout Views out to sea Walks start here and join the Bibbulmun Track
"Small" trees in the car park of the Giants Information Boards  
The first of many tall trees  
Often burnt by fire - trunks usually hollowed out by fire    
    Big trees, just not as big as others
This is one of the giants    
Walkway built to save compaction of their roots    
Circular Pool   Summer, equals low water flow
    Circular Pool
Orchids found on the way to the tree top walk Entrance - Tree Top walk - Great to see a coffee van! Start to the tree top walk - start is controlled to avoid overloading by people.
The real tree top walk begins   Looking down from high above
Looking forward!    
    Highest point on the walk.
Slowly heading down.    
Last of the raised walkways.    
On the ground again.    
Entrance - The Ancient Empire. Looking up to the giants from the ground  
  A sign that caught my interest! Coffee.. great after a nice walk!

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