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Getting there - The Start

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  It was an average day when we went for this walk, the day before had brilliant sunshine all day, but it did not rain and that was good.  The Stirling range stood out well before we were near it.  We could see we were in for a tough walk.  I was hoping we would start high up the slope.  Alas we didn't.

Height: 1073m

  The Carpark was great, with good facilities.

We could trace the path up the mount a long way and saw it wind slowly up, luckly!

The track started well with well paved path, but this soon reduced to the norm, sometimes rocky, sometimes gravelly, but always narrow track.

Some interesting plants were noted along the way.  The grass trees were different here in the west. 



Top   Still climbing!  The car park is a long way behind and below us.

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