Charles Knife Road - Drive
& Badjirrajirra Walk



Charles Knife Road in Cape Range National Park leads you up to the top of the spectacular ranges offering views back into the Charles Knife Canyon, the gorges and Exmouth Gulf.
  The drive starts at the intersection of Minilya-Exmouth Rd and of course Charles Knife Road.  This is a good unsealed road but does get rather thin in places narrowing down to single lane traffic when traversing the some of the mountain ridges along the way.  Parking your car along the way allows you to really see and appreciate the spectacular views of the gorges.  Just before the end of the road a turn off to the right takes you to a lookout and picnic area and the Badjirrajirra Walk.  Due to the time we arrived, we could only do a small part of this walk before turning for home to see sunset beach views in Exmouth.

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Start of the Drive along Charles Knife Road    
    Lookout and start of Badjirrajirra Walk
  Turn around point  

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