Turret Falls
Grampians National Park


Turret Falls.

We wanted to do the Pinnacles walk but the weather was not looking promising, low cloud on the peaks around the Wonderland car park was not a good look for the walk.  This time we had parked in the southern section of the car park which had a marked walk to Turret Falls.  A walk we had not seen or heard about before; so off we went on a new walk for us, although I'm sure it's a very old walk.
The path starts off quite easy with good gravel track and well spaced steps, before getting into some minor rocky stretches.  It has some rewarding views of the Pinnacle's walk, people can be seen walking up the rocky slopes of this walk, especially as the Grand Canyon is closed at the moment and walkers must use the bypass path.
It was early Autumn and no rain had fallen for some time so the waterfall was not flowing very much at all, but some water was trickling over the edge.  Spring would be an interesting time here.
By the time we finished the Pinnacle walk was free of cloud and the sun was shining, time for our main walk of the day.

Walk Map


Start of Walk A rather flat walk for the Grampians area  
  View, looking towards the Pinnacle Walk Low cloud and possible rain up there!
    The creek has made a lovely canyon
  Great Rock formations  
Some rocky sections but nothing serious.   Bridge over the creek - very little water flowing today.
Turret falls from the bridge over the creek Turret falls from the "Lookout" Turret Falls - a very small flow in early Autumn
Turret falls Turret falls Turret falls
The Pinnacle is clear, time for the big walk   Back again!  2.4 km easy going walk.

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