The Pinnacle Walk
Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park


The Pinnacle Walk:-

This walk starts at the Wonderland car park, which now has a toilet a welcome addition since our last visit, quite a few years ago now.  Our walk goal was to walk the direct route to the Pinnacle and then take the longer track back to the Wonderland car park, overall a walk of around 5.7 km.  It's a hard climb to the top as it's uphill all the way, which makes it much easier on the way back - always a silver lining!
This walk has a loads of awe moments all along the track and especially at the end.  It's a must do Grampians walk.

Walk Map:-


Wonderland Car Park - gets full quite quickly. Toilets - Great to see and use! Start of the walk
  Grand Canyon to the left, alternative route to the right Grand Canyon closed - up the alternative track
Looking towards Chatauqua Peak Haven't  gone far but the car park seems small Smooth rock  climb ahead
Top of the Grand Canyon - closed for 18 months now -why so long? Inspecting the Grand Canyon  
  Back on the track - heading up again Uphill, but easy going
Rock formations are always interesting Smooth walking ahead on the steel boardwalk  
Cool Chamber   More steps
Amazing boulders    
Turn right for the long way to the top- we went left No water at Bridal Veil Falls  
  Another amazing rock formation  
  Approaching Silent Street Descending the stairs to Silent Street
    Climbing out of Silent Street
    Looking at the recent DELP burns
  The brown areas are the result of recent burns in the area  
    Signs - almost at the top
  Selfie - waiting our opportunity to get to the lookout  
At the top - looking towards Lake Bellfield At the top - looking towards Chatauqua Peak  
  A kind person offered to take our picture - thanks mate! Looking back down the lookout
Rather retracing our steps we went the long way back   Rocky at first
Easy going - great rock views Missed the nerve test - to dangerous for anyone these days  
    Turn right or it will be a very long walk!
Back to a sandy track   only for awhile - rocks ahead
    An Orchid - a Parson's band
More rock formations   Road junction
Our path is left A 4WD track - easy walking  
4WD track stops, narrow track continues on   Back to the main path which we took to get to the top
Much easier going downhill   Views towards the car park
At the Grand Canyon turn-off    
  The bottom end of the Grand Canyon the Finish line
    Back at the car park - time for lunch!

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