Walk - Sundial Peak


This is an easy walk for a Grampians walk, classified as medium.  It is a short walk as well at only 4.2km return.  It is a good trail with no chance of going astray.  Views however don't really come until you get to the lookout where you have good views of Lake Bellfield and the Halls Gap Valley.  We enjoyed it and so should you.


Walk Map


Start of walk  We went right to the peak walk  
The path to the left on this photograph goes to the Mt Rosea Carpark   
As you can see it is a reasonably easy walk     
Mountain Man - hiding     
Bone dry this year, hopefully it will be wet soon     
To the right for Lake Bellfield - not today     
Finally some mountain views     
    The lookout looms ahead 
    A sundial!   
Lake Bellfield     
    Heading back 
  Wow! an orchid, how did we miss that.  Easy as 
Close up of flower     
  Almost back  Bird seen at lunch in the car park 

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