Walk from
Sundial Car Park to the Pinnacles


This is a great walk to the Pinnacles, slightly easier than the Wonderland to Pinnacle walk as the climb is not as great. Good for all the family, and, as we walked I was amazed at how many families did actually pass us.  All the Grampians walks are very popular.  Due to the drought we decided to take a walk and just enjoy walking, but were surprised that we did find a couple, not many, orchids along the way. 


Walk/Location Map


Information Board - Walk details Information Board - Various walks available Walk Start
An easy trail to start with     
    Wow! an orchid - The amazing Parsons Bands
Walk intersection    starting to climb 
Skink, sunning itself.  Not scared at all.     
Yellow arrows guide you along the true path     
  With extra height, the views start to come into the picture   
  Rock outcrops let you get a clear view of the valley   
Stitched Pictures     
    Views around Lake Bellfield 
Views around Lake Bellfield   Views around Lake Bellfield    
    Another Parsons Bands 
Close-up  Close-up   The whole plant - under 150cm. 
    The Pinnacle Lookout coming into view 
  The Pinnacle Lookout   
    Track junction 
  This way to the top   
A mushroom rock on the way     
  The nerve test - was popular once, but not now  The nerve test 
    The nerve test 
At the top     
    The Pinnacle  Lookout 
Dangerous? Hope not     
Track Junction - heading back     Another orchid 
A midge orchid    Bud coming 
The bearded Midge orchid    Back again -  2 hours 31 minutes with lots of photo stops along the way

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