Silverband Falls Walk


Its been ages since we've done this walk and it was obvious from the start that this was indeed a different walk from 20 years ago.   At some stage the track was re-thought and re-located to its current spot.  The walk is now a pleasant  1.6 km return walk to the falls on a well made wide track contouring along the creek's valley floor.  It always intrigued me as to where the water went when I was very young, it hits the rocks at the base of the falls and disappears.  I know what happens now, but it still is intriguing and a delight to see.


Walk/Location Map


Start of Walk  A well groomed path  
  A seat to rest and if you like it you can donate as well   
Mature gum trees - great to see   
This way - you cannot get lost on this walk    A wide path that contours along the valley floor 
  Dairy Creek   
Falls - directly ahead     
    Where's the water in the creek bed? 
  My memory tells me this is the old way down   
    Always a treat - the water disappears below the rocks 
    The end - turn around and retrace your steps 

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