Seven Dials Track Walk
Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park


Seven Dials Track Walk:-

Looking for a different Grampians walk we spotted the Seven Dials Track and thought this was a challenge worth taking.  The walk starts at the intersection of Redman Road and the Seven Dials Track.  Our map showed it to be comprised of 2 sections, the first being 3km, the second section was 0.5km.  The track is a old rough and rocky 4WD track that slowly climbs up and up as it winds along the base of the  seven dials.  We realised that the 3km mark was in fact where the Grampians Peaks Trail crossed the Seven Dials Track.  The track should go on but we found it soon petered out because it was overgrown with undergrowth.
We decided to head up the hill along the Grampians Peaks Trial (GPT) and see the views from the top of the range.  This part of the track was quite difficult  due to it being steep and rocky and some rock hopping is required. Hate to do it with a 25kg back pack on.  We retraced our steps back and took the GPT track heading towards Redman Bluff for a short distance to check out the views. 
Having walked as far as we wanted we turn for home along the Seven Dials track.

Walk Maps:-


Walk Start - Redman Rd. and Seven Dials Track Interscetion   A rough 4WD track slowly going up hill.
  A midge orchid was found along the way Midge Orchid - some 50mm tall
Mountain Views   Rocky valley
Seven Dial Peaks above    
  Grampians Peak Trail intersction The track peters out
Up the Grampian Peak Trail to the top    
Rocky track some rock hopping involved  
  Loads of trees - as you would expect Finding a vantage point
Looking up while heading down the trail Back at the interscetion Views from the other side
Mt William in the far distance   Back at the car! Over 8 km later!

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