Sea Cliff Nature &
                                          Lighthouse Walk



This is an easy and interesting walk at Cape Nelson, just a short distance from Portland.

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Walk Details Car park - start of the walk. We actually did this walk as an after-thought.
The initial section has some nice orchids in it. However, when we got to he coast, without an orchid sighted.
nothing to photograph,  we decided to be tourist's. And do the full walk around the cliffs and back.
So this is the real start to our walk! It starts with a wide and uneven track scrapped into the low heath bushland
  A few minutes in and you come to the cliffs and the roar of the sea.
and the sight of waves breaking over the ancient rocks below.  
    In the distance you can see the first sight
of the lighthouse. Which is our goal! The path never really comes to close to the edge of the cliff,
    In places it is marked by rocks
but it is always obvious where to head A plague indicating this is part of the Great Ocean Walk  
    Finally we make the Lighthouse
Coffee shop closed today!   Back to the car by walking along the road
or better still via the nature walk Again a lovely walk with the path easy to follow
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passing through many arches made by overhanging trees A favorite track as many an orchid lives along this path.
    The car is on the left track
  Up the hill Back again

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