Sanatorium Lake Walk

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Finally out of lockdown! Where can we go nearby?  The Mount Macedon area seemed a good choice; but which walk.  Haven't done the lake walk for years; so here we are. 
This was a great day for a walk, sunny and warm.  We started at the Lions Head road car park, just a sign on the edge of the road really.  Another starting point just as good is the Sanatorium Lake Picnic Ground car park.  It's an easy walk to the lake, which was only half full but still looked good.  We continued on to the Sanatorium Lake Picnic area, before turning to the track for the Day's Picnic area.  At Day's we retraced our steps back and took the turn to the Sanatorium Lake and at the lake returned to our car.  After the walk we visited the Mount Macedon Memorial Cross and had a very enjoyable lunch at the  "Top of the Range Tea Rooms".
Overall a great day out!


Walk/Location Map

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Walk Starting point Lion's Head Road Car Park  
Old Information signs dot the track    
  This was a massive tree when alive! The lake comes into view
The lake    
Picnic tables at the lake   A bridge takes you to other walking trails
    Area information
At the Sanatorium Picnic area   Car Park
Quite a few people were walking - an avid photographer at work Photographing a magic mushroom Back out again on the track to Day's Picnic area
A nursery was here many years ago   A very interesting tree
Paths were easy to walk along although some parts were a bit slippery  
    Left to Day's Picnic area
  Interesting fungi  had to photograph it
  Looking into the Day's Picnic area Back we go!
    No horses here, but they are allowed on this section
Left, back to the Sanatorium lake    
Information shelter ahead The lake  
  Back on Lion's Head Road, took an alternative track  
Off to the top of Mount Macedon for lunch
and a stroll to the cross
But only a few metres from our car.   Top of the Range Cafe
Great Burger and Chips Vegetarian dish Start of the walk to the Memorial Cross
  The new cross  
  Major Mitchell lookout Just a bit longer to the car park and then home

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