Piccaninny Walk
Grampians National Park


The Piccaninny Walk is located in the southern Grampians, between Mt Abrupt and Mt Sturgeon. It is considered to be an easy to medium walk on a good track with a gradual climb to the top where you can see Mt Abrupt , the area's pastoral landscape and the Dunkeld township.  Unfortunately you don't get to see Mt Sturgeon from the top as well.  We walked from the car park off the Victoria Valley Rd (Yellow Line), which is where this walk starts from.  There is an alternative walk (Green Line) reached from the Grampians Rd.  This access road is a bit rough however.  It's a good walk anytime of the year but it is said to be best in spring  when all the wildflowers bloom.

Grade: 128m                 
Distance: 3.4km return
Time:  1 to 1.5 hours     We took around 1 hr. 45 min. as we were taking photos and spotting wildflowers and wildlife.    


Walk/Location Map


Start of the walk Easy walking track  
Mt Abrupt in the background  
Epacris impressa - White   Distance pastoral views
It's not a walk without some steps!   Steps make climbing much easier.
Diuris pardina, or commonly the Leopard Orchid   The whole plant
Scenic stitch    
  The Leopard Orchid The Leopard Orchid
    The Leopard Orchid
Junction - where the two Piccaninny walks meet before going  to the top. We walked down the alternate path for around 100m before returning to the junction and onwards to the top. Wallaby
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Mt Abrupt    
Dunkeld water supply   Back at the junction, heading to the top
    The Leopard Orchid
The Leopard Orchid    
The top    
  Views from the top  
View of Dunkeld    
Heading back down    
  Back at the junction again, back to the car park.  
    The Leopard Orchid
    Orchid rosettes -Pterostylis nana
Pterostylis nana    
    Finally, almost at the end I notice Mt Sturgeon appear
Behind us walking in.    
  Back at the start Take this track to do the Mt Sturgeon walk.

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