Princess Margaret Rose Caves
- Victoria


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The Princess Margaret Rose Cave is a limestone cave located in Lower Glenelg National Park in Victoria, Australia. The cave features actively growing stalactites, stalagmites and helictites. They say it is the most decorated cave per square metre in Australia. It is named after Princess Margaret.

The cave was discovered in 1936 by S. McEachern, J. "Bunny" Hutchesson and the latter's son Alan. They developed the cave as a tourist attraction, with Bunny Hutchesson acting as the first permanent guide, conducting tours from 1941.

 Guided tours of the cave are conducted on most days, lasting about 45 minutes.  You enter the cave via the Information Centre.  After an orientation talk by the ranger you head to the Cave door and take the 90 odd steps to the cave floor.  It not a large or even long cave and only extends some 75-100m before a collapse stops you from going any further.  Even so it's a very  worthwhile attraction.

The caves are formed in poorly consolidated Tertiary limestone laid down in a shallow sea in the Oligocene and early Miocene geological epochs, between about 35 and 15 million years ago.


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