Organ Pipes National Park Walk


Organ Pipes National Park Walk:-

Covid-19 restrictions have lifted a little and we can leave our small 5/10 km bubble - where to go?  This is one of our closest walks and one we had not visited in many years.  The car park was fairly full on a bright sunny day when we visited and it was a pleasure to be out and walking again.  The hill down to the creek and attractions was still steep, but easy to walk down, not so easy on the way back.
We turned left half-way down to visit the Tessellated Pavement first, the followed the creek walk to the end and returned passing the pavement area again before heading onto the Rosette Rock and then on further to the Organ Pipes feature itself, before heading back again past the toilets to the car park at the top of the hill.
A great place for a stroll and picnic.

Walk Map:-


Information sign - start of walk Yes, the walk starts at the top and goes downhill Only a few hundred metres but reasonably steep.
Almost at the bottom we turned left to see the Tessellated Pavement Tessellated Pavement Tessellated Pavement
  Panorama - Tessellated Pavement  
Tessellated Pavement area We walked further up the track till it appeared to end the turned around to find the Rosette Rock
  The path follows the creek side  
  Panorama - Creek View  
  On the track - don't think it's a native Past the Tessellated Pavement again
The viewing platform is behind a fence - recent flood damage? The Rosette Rock The Rosette Rock
The Rosette Rock The Rosette Rock Information sign
    The Organ Pipes come into view
The Organ Pipes The Organ Pipes The Organ Pipes
The Organ Pipes The Organ Pipes The Organ Pipes
The Organ Pipes The Organ Pipes and information sign Things that everyone needs - Tables and a loo
Toilets - a welcome addition Back to the top and the Main information area The car park

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