Mt Zero Walk
Grampians National Park


Mt Zero Walk Notes:

Hadn't done this walk for ages, usually just check-out orchids and head back down.  This time we were looking to do the whole walk and wasn't expecting to see orchids at this time of the year, a few weeks early perhaps.  The car park is the start and finish of the walk as always.  Initially an easy walk on a wide gravel path, but it soon gets into steps, which in turn turns into rocky tracks and a bit of rock hoping at the top.  Our memory was a bit lacking as the walked seemed quite different except from the starting section.
The steel fence was gone at the top, but you could see where it had been.  On the way down we wondered where the narrow chasm was where we had to sidle through to rejoin the path.  Well it wasn't gone! We noted at one point there were a few arrows going in different directions, so taking a different track we soon rediscovered our favorite chasm.  We also found some orchids on the way - bonus!

Not as easy as I remember but still a great walk with great views!

Walk Map


Mt Zero car park Nice clean drop toilet Start of the walk - 1.05km to the top.
Easy gravel track at the start Always steps!  
    Rocky track further on.
  A bit of rock scambling Great views, getting better as we claim.
  Midge Orchid Midge Orchid - Close-up.  Finger helps the phone focus.
Midge Orchid - Close-up    
  Cain building - seem a fun idea.  
View - Olive grove    
Another orchid - A Greenhood Greenhood - close-up Greenhood - close-up
  A bit of a rock climb here  
The top    
    Heading back down
  Tree sap catching the Sun  
  At last we find the chasm  
Not much room to sidle through Not much room to sidle through  
  At the start, now the finish line. Back again in the car park.

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